8x32 WS2812B Intelligent Addressable NeoPixel LED Matrix

8x32 WS2812B Intelligent Addressable NeoPixel LED Matrix


8x32 WS2812B Intelligent Addressable NeoPixel LED Matrix

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Full 24 bit color
5v operation
256 individually addressable LEDs on a 320mm x 90mm flexible panel.
Individually addressable LEDs,the space between each pixel is 1cm

LED Quantity: 256
IC Type WS2812 (IC Built in LED)
Wattage: 76.8Watt
Pixel/m: 32*8
PCB Width: 32*9cm
Length of cable: 100mm
Working Voltage: DC 5V
PCB Color: black

Please click here to download the WS2812B datasheet!

These are awesome 8x32 individually addressable RGB matrix panels. Composed of 32 columns x 8 rows of WS2812B (WS2812/WS211 protocol) individually addressable LEDs on a flexible PCB, these panels have 256 LEDs and they can be daisy-chained to make bigger signs or panels! You can create animations, games, or even incorporate them into a fun e-textiles project. On top of all that, thanks to its flexible backing, this LED Matrix can be bent and bowed to fit onto almost any curvy surface.

These panels require a 5V low voltage input for power which needs to be able to source a good amount of current – up to 15A in most uses (15A if all LEDs are set to bright white, which is NOT recommended). Attached to each flexible LED matrix are two 3-pin JST SM connectors and two sets of bare power cables (input / output), which provide you connections for DC5V+, COM-, DAT, and GND.

Pls note that WS2812B are a bit different than the standard WS2801 ICs, these do not use separate clock and data lines.

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