At we give you the option on the spectrum of the light on our lights. There are two main choices we offer you they are between Cool White and Warm white. These two different types of colours can change the atmosphere in any room.

The way in which are led’s can manage this colour change is all about the colour temperature of the led’s and how it is controlled. The way you measure colour temperature is by using a Kelvin scale. A Kelvin is a unit of measurement of temperature of light. Below is a diagram showing the difference of cool and warm white by using a Kelvin scale.

For the best results you are looking for we have up loaded an image of warm and cool light so you will be able to see the variation of the colours.

Which colour is the best for me?

As you can see above the colour changes do varies,  if you are looking for a standard ‘halogen style’ lighting effect for a general home we would advise the fitting of a Warm White led bulb this type of colour is a more tranquil and welcoming.

 If you would like more of a pure white more modern look, or displaying lighting where accurate colour reproduction is important we would advise the cool white as the colour is much cleaner.