LED Advantages

If your considering using LED Lighting for your retail space, club or cafe then your probably attracted to LEDs for their ability to produce amazing colours. Our design team is working on an RGB follow up to our soon to come revolutionary downlight. RGB stands for Red, Green & Blue. RGB lights are able to mix these colours to produce a very wide spectrum of possiblities.

LED Lighting has many benefits over conventional lighting methods; these benefits include:

Consume less power

Now efficiency of LED can be over 100lm/w in the market. In the lab, efficiency of LED is over 200lm/w. It's over 10 times higher than efficiency of incandescent bulbs, which is also 2 times higher than efficiency of CFL bulbs.
It means, if you replace incandescent or halogen bulbs by LED, you save over 85% electricity cost. If you replace CFL bulbs by LED, you save over 50% electricity cost. Please find a cost calculation below.

Energy Savings for Replacing Light Bulbs    

Incandescent Light Bulbs

(Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs)
(Light-Emitting Diode Light Bulbs)
Life Span (in hours) 1,500 10,000 60,000
Watts 60 14 6
Cost $1.345 $2.98 $54.95
KWh of electricty used over 60k hours 3,600 840 360
Electricity Cost (@ $0.23 per KWh) $821.72 $191.73 $82.17
Bulbs needed for 60k hours of usage 40 6 1
Equivalent 60k hour bulb expense $53.80 $17.88 $54.95
Total 60,000 Hour Lighting Spend $875.52 $209.61 $137.12
Calculate Your Energy Savings      
# of household light bulbs 30 30 30
Your estimated daily usage (hours) 5 5 5
Days in month 30 30 30
Household savings over 60,000 hours (energy + replacement)    
Household cost $26,265.54 $6,288.43 $4,113.65
Savings by switching from Incandescent $0.00 $19,977.11 $22,151.89
Monthly household energy savings      
KWh used per month 270 63 27
Electricity Cost (@ $0.23 per KWh) $61.63 $14.38 $6.16
Savings by switching from Incandescent $0.00 $47.25 $55.47
Yearly household energy savings      
KWh used per year 3,285 767 329
Electricity Cost (@ $0.23 per KWh) $749.82 $174.96 $74.98
Savings by switching from Incandescent $0.00 $574.86 $674.84

Long Life

With LED solid state construction comes durability and exceptionally long life. For example, a properly operated red or yellow LED can maintain up to 50% of its initial brightness after 100,000 hours. The classic LED - a radial design with its characteristic wire leads - set the standard for miniature light sources. However, new surface mount technologies (SMT) have eliminated external wiring, allowing even smaller LEDs to be mounted directly to printed circuit boards, and resulting in more durable modular systems. System durability is critical for taking advantage of LEDs' long service life, and becomes important in demanding applications like traffic and automotive signal , or situations where lamp replacement costs are high.
Usually, lifespan of LED for lighting is over 50,000 hours.

Produce cleaner colours of light

LEDs are very well known for their ability to produce light waves at very specific frequncy ranges. This makes the colours produced by LEDs the most vivid of all light forms

Do not contain mercury

Unlike fluorescent lamps - This means that manufacturing and recycling these products is an excellent solution for a greener environment.

Cool light

Leds do not raditate heat in the form of IR. LEDs are used in museums to light up paintings due to this benefit alone as exposure to IR waves causes damage over time.