SP103E RF Digital RGBW Controller for SK6812/TM1814/UCS2912 RGBW Strips

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Supports SK6812/TM1814/UCS2912 RGBW Strips
With 300 kinds of patterns,which are vivid and beautiful;
Each controller can control up to 2048 pixels;
Brightness adjustable.
Voltage: DC5V
Current: <30MA
Maximum number of control pixels: 2048 pixels
Control Length: <30M

Testing: Continuously pressing the AUTO button 5 times until LED is off, release the AUTO button to into the mode of switching red,green,blue,yellow,purple,cyan and white,witch can test the your LED.

Matching: Continuously pressing the MATCH button 5 times until LED flash in white quickly to match the Remote control with the receiving controller.Pressing the MATCH button for 5 times till LED flash in white slowly to un-match.

Reorder RGB: Differ from kinds of LED, The R G B keys may don’t perfectly match to your LED,Reorder them if needed. Continuously pressing the SETTING button 5 times until LED flash in white once and then turn into all white,Pressing the R button until LED is red, Pressing the G. button until LED is green, pressing the B button till LED is blue, then press the SETTING button once to confirm your setting;

Adjust Num of pixels: The factory default setting of the number of controlled pixel is 600. Continuously pressing the SETTING button 5 times until LED flash once and turn all white, pressing MODE+ to add pixels ,pressing MODE- to decrease pixels,(each pressing add or decrease 60 pixels) then press the SETTING button to confirm your setting;Can be regulated to up to 2048 pixels,The minimum number is 300 pixels.

Catching: When in the AUTO mode, pressing the SETTING button once,and then press MATCH button once to catch the Current pattern to stay and operate circularly.

Click here to check the detailed use manual of this SP103E RF RGBW controller


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