Generational Shift of Light System


I was always admiring those experts, who could create something barely with their hands. They were like the big guy, create something from nothing. I thought I would be one of them someday. So here I was, doing some DIY with my car. I started with width lamp, door lamp, brake lights, and trunk lights.

Width lamp: 1.5W width lamp made of ceramic. This kind of lamp is resistant to high temperatures even at 260 centigrade.
Door lamp: width lamp. 6-heads LED lights for door illuminating.
Trunk lights: LED lights with 4 smd5050 leds.
Brake lights: LED lights with 27 smd5050 leds.

It was the first step that costs troublesome. I would like to start with the easy one–door lamp. I dragged the original bulb from lampshade. Then screw shade off C.W. Do not touch with bare hands. It was burnt.

There were positive and negative electrodes in LED lamps, so if it did not work, you could try the opposite direction to screw.

Cover with shade.

It worked pretty well at night.

Trunk lights: first, pull a little from left, and then pry it out from the right side.

Before take off the bulb, unplug power supply. Be careful, it burnt. Change the new LED lamps in the right spot (marked with red circle).
Perfectly matched.

Electrify it. It worked.

How it worked at night.

Now let’s turn to brake light. Open trunk, and take off the cover.

Unscrewing those 4 bolts.

I used this for unscrew.

Screw C.W. brake light base. Then you would see the bulb.

Then screw C.W. Brake light bulb.

Replace it with LED strips and then do those 2 steps in an opposite way.

Let’s see how it works at night.

Brake light is on.

The very last one: width lamp. Open engine cover, and pull off dust cover of headlamp.

This was how it looked inside headlamp. See the bulb with one black and one blue wire, and marked with red circle? This was width lamp.

Pull it out.

Unscrew the bulb.

See the difference between the original one and the LED one?

Charge with electricity.

Put it back into the headlamp.

Wow~it looked like a pair of Evil Eyes at night!

It worked pretty well when dipped headlight was on.

Family photos of the old generation and the new family.

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