LED RGB DMX512 Signal Amplifier

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Led rgb DMX Signal amplifier, is intended for use only as extend DMX signal's transmission distance, A DMX controller Signal amplifier can increase the ability to drive DMX signal.

DMX Signal amplifier is used when there is a weakening of a DMX signal. Usually DMX signals can travel up to 300ft but sometimes when there are too many lights installed or there are interferences the DMX Signal is weakened.

When the DMX signal is weakened, lights at the end of the DMX cable may start to operate erroneously, therefore there is a need to re amplify the signal to avoid a loss of signal.

This DMX signal amplifier is easy to use, just power it with any of our optional 12 or 24V DC power supplies and connect the XLR connectors (Included).

Tech Specs:
Amplify easily a DMX signal up to 500ft.
Can be easily powered with any 12-24V DC Power supply
Male and Female XLR (3 Pin) connectors included


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