DMX512 WS2801 Signal Decoder, Support WS2801,WS2803 Drving IC

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Input voltage: DC5V~DC24V
Input signal: DMX512
Compatible IC: WS2801, WS2803 Driving IC
Decoder channels: 512 DMX CH/unit
DMX512 socket: XLR-3, Green terminal
Dimming range: 0~100%

This WS2801 DMX512-SPI decoder works to convert universal DMX512 signal into SPI signal, suitable for LED lights based on chips such as WS2801 chip support 256 grey scales only needs two signal cables which convenient for design and installation of LED lights. These 4 chips are widely used among LED dot light, SMD strip, LED hurdle lamp, LED wall, LED pixel screen, hi-power flood light and LED wall washer, etc.

DMX-SPI signal decoder is to convert the DMX512 digital signal into SPI(TTL) digital signal. It can work on the DMX console to control the LED lights with compatible driving ICs. DMX console can control every channel of the LED Lights, realizing 0-100% dimming and various changing effect.

Our DMX-SPI decoder can simply turn normal LED digital light to DMX512 LED light with international standard  communication protocol, which is easy to promote in the international market.

Check the detailed manual of this WS2801 DMX-SPI Signal Decoder

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