Easy DMX512 RGB LED Controller/Decoder,  27Channels in 9 Groups

Easy DMX512 RGB LED Controller/Decoder, 27Channels in 9 Groups


Easy DMX512 RGB LED Controller/Decoder, 27Channels in 9 Groups

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DMX Controller with 27 DMX channels, grouped together as 9 RGB channels. Features screw terminals for solder free output connections, XLR and CAT5 signal inputs and up to 2 amps per channel, 15 amps per board.

Channel: 7 channel 9 group
Max. Load Power: 15A
Work temperatire: -20°C~50°C
Power input: DC7~24V
Output of channel: each channel 1A max

The DMX512 LED Controller module that is small but powerful controller transforms.it is standard digital control signals into PWM controller signals for driving LED strip and has the ability to make different effects such as dimming,ramping,twinkle and shimmer. This is an easy pannel control led controller has 27 channels and Each output channels can handle a max of 1A per channel/color.


Each DMX common controller occupied 27 DMX addresses,adopt coding switch set address,it is a Binary numerical code switch which is setting DMX original address code from 1 to 9,1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest, 511 address codes could be setted in all. DMX original address code equal aggresgate value from 1 to 9, dial the coding switch upwards (ON is setted 1),the value of bit can be gotten,on the contrary,the value of bit is 0,For example:if you want to set 37 as the address code,you can only dial down the first.the third and the sixth code switch value from 1 to 9 is 32+4+1,that is, the original address code of DMX512 is 37.

The DMX start channel is set from a DIP switch,so no external programmer is required.A Red LED on the controller indicates DMX power and signal. The Input and Output power has screw terminals and XLR 3P connectors for DMX-512 In/Out.

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