DMX512 LED Signal Amplifier Splitter (1 in : 8 out)

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DMX signal amplifier can re-output DMX signal whose voltage is normal after receiving DMX signal, it is mainly used for the expansion of the DMX signal transmission distance, increase the ability to drive DMX signal.
485 signal extended or distribution.

Working temperature:-20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC5V, 12V, 24V optional (specify the required voltage on orders)
External dimension:L195XW93XH47MM
Net weight: 335g
Static power consumption: <5W
Input signal :one group DMX signal
Output signal: eight groups DMX signal

The DMX amplifier receives the signal from DMX master and then send the exporting regular voltage DMX again to another group of slave, that is used to prolong the DMX signal transferring distance mainly, increases the DMX signal drive ability. Theyare great for large projects where it is not practical to daisy chain (connect all devices in series) all your DMX devices. It will allow to do a Star Configuration (each device or chain of devices can home run back to this splitter)

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