110-240V AC SMD 5050 RGB LED Strip Power Plug Connector with Cap and Pin, 6A

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Package included: 1x LED Controller, 1x End Cap, 1X Strip Pin.

Type:RGB Controller
Input Voltage. 100 - 240 V AC

US/EU Power plug availalbe
Current: 6A (max) 
Can be connected with 50m (max) LED 110-240V Strip lights
Waterproof. IP65

To Install: First grab a pair of disposable gloves and put them on. Then fill each light strip end connector with the optional silicone glue. Take note of the positive and negative wires on the strips and power cord. When connecting make sure the same wires, positive and positive, negative and negative, connect to each other. Take one strip and insert the light strip firmly so the two inner prongs penetrate the light strip and stop. Take a small amount of glue on on your finger and smear it around the entire end connector where the strip was inserted. Repeat this attaching process with the other strip. Recap the glue and place the assembled strip and interconnector out of the way. We recommend leaving the assembly alone for at least 12 hours to dry thoroughly.

Package included: 
1x LED Controller
1x End Cap
1X Strip Pin

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