2 Channel White Adjustable LED Dimmer with RF Touch Remote

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This 2 channel white adjustable LED dimmer is used for dimming our color temperature adjustable LED strips. it can dim any 12VDC or 24VDC variable color temperature LED strip from 10~100% and dial in any white color temperature using PWM. Maximum load is 6 amps per channel, 12 amps total.

Easy-to-use dimmer for 12 or 24 volt DC LEDs. Contains 2 independent circuits (2 channels) for use with color temperature adjustable strips.
6 amp sustained maximum per circuit= 72 watts/circuit (12 VDC) or 144 watts/circuit (24 VDC.)
150 Hertz pulse dimming ensures no flicker.
Speaker-type input and output connections on dimming unit.
Screw tabs on dimming unit for mounting.
RF signal goes through walls. Range is over 65 feet in a benign electromagnetic environment.
20-step dimming.
Each dimmer and remote control are matched to operate with each other. You can reset the matching if you want to put more than one dimming unit on a remote control.
Remote control requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included.
Remote control is 4.5" x 2.2" x 0.75"; Dimming unit is 3.3" x 2.5" x 1".

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