A Little Brighter, A Little Warmer


I bought all my lamps on the internet, which saved me much time and let me arrange my spare time to install them, not my precious weekends. Sleeping late, fishing a little, and having a very nice brunch were all I dreamed of. I would not let anything ruin it.

Every lamp in my house was handled by my husband and me. And the one in the living room was special. Our son helped us a lot with this one. He liked the lamp very much. He said it was like Aladdin’s carpet. Compared with the flying carpet, ours shaped like sky. Not bad. What made it so special was about all family members worked together, and my son was very helping. When we stood on the ladders, he passed us tools like he was a pro.

I liked the design very much for its romantic mood not Aladdin’s carpet. And I liked it at first sight: I knew this was it. The lamp got 3 kinds of light: low energy conservation tubes at 4 sides, small quartz bulbs between “the sun” and “the moon”, and color-changing LED light bulbs on plate. You could change colors through a remote control. Totally, it had 7 types.

1. All together 3 kinds of light

2. Tubes+LED bulbs

3. Tubes+quartz bulbs

4. Quartz bulbs+LED bulbs

5. Only quartz bulbs

6. Only LED bulbs

7. Only tubes

The lamp could also be controlled by switch, but under that condition, it left you 3 types instead.
For spotlight on TV wall, I chose 2 LED with color changing function.

Spotlight above couch

This was how they looked like when lights on.

Blue-color LED strips around external part of chicken ceiling.

I liked these pending lamps in kitchen. They were cheap and nice.

3 small LED bulbs would work, making them bright enough for having dinner even playing poker.

White LED strips around internal part of chicken ceiling

Ceiling lamps at hallway.

Now you could see the whole view of my living room with all the lights on.

This one was in my bedroom. It looked perfect but it took a whole lot of work. There were 30 pieces of crystal balls which needed to be placed to the exact spot one by one. My husband and I spent almost a whole afternoon handling it. I thought it was worthy.

It supervised me when I opened the package and sew how big it was. We could call it HUGE, considering its giant nest. A 45W tube would be enough for the whole room.

For hall light, I liked this simple and small one.

I wanted my shower room to be cozy and those small spotlights with warm color light would do. No one liked some dazzling light to kill your beautiful morning.

This lotus-pattern lamp at other two guest rooms.

Another ceiling lamp in my studying room. Those were the places where simpleness was best. Extra decoration would be lame.

Those below were two down lights between living room and bedroom.

I planned to put a ceiling lamp in deck, meanwhile, I had two extra down lights at hand. So here it was now. It was better than I thought, not wired at all.

I also put some tubes at the bottom of locker. The light would not directly go to your eyes. Because most of it was covered by the locker, and you can still see things cleverly on the table below.

And those were integrated ceiling lamps in washroom.

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