Decorating My Dream House


If there was one thing survived in my boring life, it must be something about my new house. It was like a finishing touch, making my life a whole lot different from it was before.

Every house carried a dream, a dream that made you feel everything you did in the daytime was worthy, no matter how tired or frustrated you got. So decoration became a sort of enjoyment, and the enjoy grew as the project approached to the end day after day.

1. After a whole day work, my wife and I still could not help going to our new house to see what it looked like now. On seeing the light in the stairway, I felt something very good would happen. All my lamps were OK now. The one in the stairway was a nice try, metallic and modern.

Decorating My Dream House-1

2. Those LED lamps in my cloakroom were cheap and nice.

Decorating My Dream House-2
Decorating My Dream House-3

3. I preferred crystal chandelier in bedroom instead of in cloakroom. It looked like the blooming violet, shining at night.

Decorating My Dream House-4
Decorating My Dream House-5

4. This was not just a lamp. This was art. With several pieces of glass and a dozen of LED bulbs, as you could see now, this one was like a blooming lotus, holy and pure, without noise and dust.

Decorating My Dream House-6

5. I had one special lamp shaped ad bird’s nest. It reminded me of Easter and those good old days back when I was a kid. I hoped my kid would enjoy his childhood just like me, playing football, enjoying our tradition, even sneaking around with his little buddy, instead of sticking in front of video games.

Decorating My Dream House-7

6. Ceiling lamp at deck. Sometimes it would confuse me with the moon. Like SALE in supermarket, “buy one, get one free”, I had two moons from my house view.

Decorating My Dream House-8

Ceiling lamp at living room.

Decorating My Dream House-9

7. This was the place connecting living room and hallway.

Decorating My Dream House-10

This was the wall where I put my TV. White wall as simple as it was. Several LED bulbs would be enough. Sometimes, the simpler, the better.

Decorating My Dream House-11

8. It was not wall paper. It was shadow of my LED light, the light going through frosted glass and then I got those patterns on the wall.

Decorating My Dream House-12

9. I almost fell in love with it at first sight. I knew it deep in my heart that this was my dream house. My wife and I would live happily ever after here.

Decorating My Dream House-13
Decorating My Dream House-14

10. Mr. Yan was responsible for all lamps in the house. He was very professional. I was glad to have his back. Thanks to Mr. Yan, everything was perfect.

Decorating My Dream House-15

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