CRI 96 Dual White 2835 LED Strip Light, 216 LEDs/m, 24V, 5m

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216 LEDs/m, 24V DC input, This LED strip contains both white and warm white LEDs. Using a White-Warm White dimmer, it is possible to adjust the color temperature from warm white to cool white!

LED per meter: 108 pcs 2700K warm white 2835 LEDs + 108 pcs 6500K cool white 2835 LEDs
Max Power Consumption: 16W/Meter
View angle: 120°
Strip Length: 5Meters (16.4ft)
Working Voltage: DC24 V
Color Rendering Index: 96+
Lumen: 120 lm/W
LEDs per Segment: Every 12-LEDs segment cuttable
Working Temperature:-4°F (-20°C)~ 122°F (50°C)
Water Proof:  Non-waterproof  
Lifespan: 50,000+hours

This flexible LED dual color (warm white /cool white) strip light is specially designed if you need variable white colors in a single application. There are total of 1080 bright 2835 SMD LED lights mounted on 10mm wide white circuit board. 540 are warm white and the other 540 are pure white.  Warm white and pure white LEDs are alternating mounted and can be controlled individually by our 2CH RFTouch dimmer.  

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