SK9822 RGB Addressable LED Strip,  144/60/30 LEDs/m Density Available

SK9822 RGB Addressable LED Strip, 144/60/30 LEDs/m Density Available


SK9822 RGB Addressable LED Strip, 144/60/30 LEDs/m Density Available

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Dual signal (Data,Clk) control.
SK9822 IC embedded in SMD5050 white LED. each led is programmable.
30leds/m, 60leds/m, 144leds/m density available.
Both ends wired with 150mm/5.9" 20Awg wire and JST 4Pin male/female connector

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IC Type: SK9822  (Datasheet)
Working voltage: 5V DC
Max. working current: around 60mA at full brightness
Emitting Color: RGB
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
LED Density: 30/60/144 LEDs/m
Finish: White, Black optional
Rating: IP20 Nonwaterproof with 3M tape on the back), IP67 water resistant silicone tube
Strip Length: 1m reel for 144/m, 5m reel for 60/m and 30/m
beam angle: 120 degree
Lifespan: MTBF≥50000h

In contrast to the SK6812 used in some of our other similar LED strips, which use a specialized one-wire control interface and require strict timing, the SK9822 uses a standard SPI interface for control (with separate data and clock signals) and has no specific timing requirements, making it much easier to control. Another useful feature of the SK9822 is an additional 5-bit brightness control register that allows you to dim your LED strip while still having 24-bit color control. This arrangement makes it easier to use with slower devices like the Arduino Uno.

Power supply to the strip is 5V. It's wise to consider that each LED can consume around 60mA at full brightness - multiply that by 144 and you have over 8.5A, or about 43W of power dissipation. We recommend a relatively meaty power supply, with connections every 1 meter on a long run strip.

The SK9822 is very similar to the APA102, and it can be used as a drop-in replacement in most applications because it features the same interface and color order.

Various platforms offer support for this LED with libraries, the DotStar Arduino library and Raspberry Pi Python module from Adafruit should work with these strips. The FastLED Arduino library is another option that focuses on performance and provides advanced functionality like color correction.

Product Model
M/N Size/mm IP Rate Voltage Led type IC type Leds/m Pixel/m Luminous/m Beam Angle Watt/m
5000*10*2.5   5000*12*3.5  


DC5V SMD5050  RGB SK9822 
30 30 R:75lm 
G:150lm B:60lm  
 Mix W:240lm
120 9w
5000*10*2.5   5000*12*3.5  


DC5V SMD5050   RGB SK9822 
60 60 R:150lm 
G:300lm B:120lm  
 Mix W:480lm
120 18w
1000*12*2.5   1000*14*3.5 


DC5V SMD5050   RGB SK9822 
144 144 R:360lm 
G:720lm B:288lm  
 Mix W:1150lm
120 43.2w
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