T1 8 Zone LED Sync Dimmer (Remote Control)

T1 8 Zone LED Sync Dimmer (Remote Control)


T1 8 Zone LED Sync Dimmer (Remote Control)

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This T1 2.4GHZ remote control can be synchronised with an almost limitless number of receiver units. This enables you to create zones (maximum of 8) within your home or business and allow remote dimming of our single colour LED strips, all from the palm of your hand! Requires one or more receivers to complete the system.

Input voltage: DC5V built-in Lithium battery (usb charged)
Working current: ≤30mA
Working frequency: 2.4Ghz
Transmitting distance: 30m
Remote option: Sync & Zone control
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Standby time: ≤6 months
Normal using time: 30 days
Dimension: 5.71"L x 2.17"W x 0.81"H

The T1 remote control is a simple and easy way to wirelessly customize and control white lighting in 12, or 24 volt DC single color LED strips. This remote allows you to achieve the perfect brightness in up to eight separate zones. It consists of 6 quick dimming function buttons, zone selection buttons and a brightness wheel for custom brightness levels. An LED indicator displays the current level of dimming on any selected zone, allowing perfect brightness control without being in line of sight of the LED's.

With an audible confirmation of commands and a visual representation of the dimming level of any zone (via a small LED mounted into the handset) allows you to control your strips without physically being in the particular zone. With a built in Lithium battery charged by USB cable and with 2.4Ghz wireless transmission technology, you can be up to 30 metres away from each receiver unit before the signal reduces.

It is also simple to synchronise this remote to the receiver unit. By simply holding down a zone number on the remote and by pressing the sync button on the receiver connects the two together.

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