Addressable WS2812B 5050 RGB LED Ring, 6/16/24 Pixels Available

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5V smart RGB LED Ring
Chipset: WS2812B (WS2812B Datasheet)
Number of LEDs: 8/16/24
Diameter: 22.5mm(8LED)/37.5mm(16LED)/52.5mm(24LED)
Can be soldered to conductive thread or wire

Power Supply Voltage: +3.5~+5.3V
Current draw: Each pixel draws as much as 60mA
Red Vf: 1.8~2.2V
Green Vf: 3.0~3.2V
Blue Vf: 3.2~3.4V
Red Wavelength: 620~630 nm
Green Wavelength: 515~530 nm
Blue Wavelength: 465~475 nm
Red luminous intensity(20mA): 550~700 mcd
Green luminous intensity(20mA): 1100~1400mcd
Blue luminous intensity(20mA): 200~400 mcd

Use this Pixel RGB LED Ring to add a ring of light to your projects. Uses just 1 pin for Input and 1 pin for Output to the next LED ring if you'd like to chain multiple together! Just connect PWR to 5V DC, GND to 0V and Data Input to your Arduino or other microcontroller to control the whole ring. Each of the WS2812 RGB LEDs has a chip inside which allows you to control them when chained one after the other.

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