WS2812B Digital Addressable RGB LED Strip, 96 LED/M, DC5V, Sold by Meter

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High density individually addressable LED strip based on the WS2812B integrated RGB LED and driver. 96 WS2812B LEDs per meter. The strip is sold by Meter.

Working voltage: 5V DC
Max. working current: 0.3A per LED
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
LED number: 96 LEDs / meter
Background Color: White
Waterproof: Nonwaterproof with 3M tape on the back, IP67 water resistant silicone sleeve
FPC Width: 12mm
Length: 1 Meter
Viewing angle: ≥140
Lifespan: MTBF≥50000h

 Please click here to download the WS2812B datasheet!

Besides the 96LEDs/M density of the WS2812B LED strip, there are also 30LEDs/M, 60LEDs/M, 144 LEDs/M density types of the strips in our website. 

Digital RGB LED Flexi-Strip is an intelligent light source consist s of WS2812B RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip. The control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components.The WS2812B led strip only use only 3 (power/ground/data). A 50uS pause on the data line causes all the pixels to latch into their new color assignment.

The wonderful coders at Adafruit have already created a Arduino library for these (Neopixels), or try your hand using the FastSPI libraries. If you lean more towards the Teensy 3.0, they've generated very impressive libraries for the WS2811/12B. There's even some hand-coded 8MHz AVR libraries.

This LED flexible strip is a full-color that external control for each lamp beads. It with high brightness, can achieve effects of full color running water, chasing and scan. The strip can be cut between every LED to create custom lengths. Do not bend strip sharply. Do not exceed 3 meters in a single circuit. Longer runs should be powered from both ends to reduce voltage drop.

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