44-Keys Infrared RGB LED Controller, 2A/CH

44-Keys Infrared RGB LED Controller, 2A/CH


44-Keys Infrared RGB LED Controller, 2A/CH

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It can control up to 32 feet of our 12V RGB flexible LED strip (2A/Ch and 24W). The power input is 12V DC and fits a barrel plug 5.5mm by 2.1mm (our transformers and Female Power Connectors plug right into this controller). In addition, there are 8 steps of dimming control in normal mode and full 0-100% in DIY mode. It can be used with amplifiers to control more than 2 reels (2x 5m) of our RGB flex strip.

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC5V-24V
0utput: 3 channels
Connecting mode: common anode
External dimension: L63ΧW35ΧH22 mm
Controller dimension: L125ΧW56ΧH7mm
Packing size: L130ΧW60ΧH35 mm
Static power consumption: <1 W
Output current: <2 A (each channel)
Output power: 5V:<30W,  12V:<72W,  24V:<144W

This IR (Infra-Red) Controller and Remote is designed for controlling LED lighting products such as flexible strips, glass curtains, wall lights and wall washers and provides an easy to use solution for switching lights on or off and choosing lighting colours.

The unit is easy to install and comes in two parts: a receiver, which installs between the strip light and driver/transformer, and a Remote Controller which can be used to set the colour, brightness and speed of the LED Strip.

Using the IR Controller/Remote, you can wirelessly control the settings on your LED lights, choosing from a variety of static colours and dynamic modes. The user can also customise any colour, and can store up to 6 different colours.

As this is an Infra-Red Controller, you will need a direct line of sight between the remote and Infra-Red sensor. If this will cause a problem you may want to consider one of Heralds range of RF Wireless Controllers. The sensor is attached to a length of wire for optimum placement.

Check the detailed manual of this 44-Key Infrared RGB LED Controller

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