RGB Controller with RF Touch Color Remote, 12V-24DC, 6A/Ch

RGB Controller with RF Touch Color Remote, 12V-24DC, 6A/Ch


RGB Controller with RF Touch Color Remote, 12V-24DC, 6A/Ch

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This RGB controller can control any 12V/24V DC RGB LED products. Unique synchronization function constricts remote to one controller, or to multiple controllers for use with one remote. Select from several static single color modes or 15 dynamic color-changing modes with speed, dimming, ON/OFF controls. Maximum load is 6 amps per channel, 18 amps total.

Operating Voltage: 12-24 VDC – match power supply voltage to RGB LED product voltage
Connection Mode: Common Anode (+)
Output: Three CMOS drain-open output
Maximum Load Current: 12VDC – 6 Amps per channel (18 Amps total), 24VDC - 6 Amps per channel (18 Amps total)
Output Power: 216 Watts
Control Method: Wireless RF Remote Control - Frequency 433MHz
Batteries Required: Three AAA batteries
Modes: 39 Total (24 static single color and 15 dynamic color changing)
Operating Temperature: -25~60°C

Multi-Reciever Programming
This controller features transmitter to receiver keying to help eliminate interference from other nearby units. If you wish to control several receivers from a single transmitter, the receivers first must be re-programmed. The easiest and fastest way to re-program several receivers at once is to have them share a power supply or all plug in to a single power strip (Once programmed you can provide power as you would otherwise, sharing is only needed for the programming phase to ease the process -- Re-programming can be done one device at a time also).

Programming Procedure:
Wire all receivers to one power supply or power strip but don't turn it on yet.
With the power off, grab the remote.
Turn on the power supply.
Within 3 seconds of providing power press the button once.
If programming was successful any connected light strings should blink three times.

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