8-Port SPI LED Amplifier, 12-24VDC

8-Port SPI LED Amplifier, 12-24VDC


8-Port SPI LED Amplifier, 12-24VDC

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This SPI amplifier applies to all the dream-color controllers of our company, each time add one dream-color amplifier, it could output 8 groups of dream-color signals, achieve the effects of multi-group dream-color strip light changing synchronously. Dream-color amplifiers could be connected immensely.

Working temperature: -20-60°C
Supply voltage*: DC12VDC through 24VDC
Output: 8 SPI signals (Repeated & Amplified) (Additional Power Supply Not Included)
MAX Output: 480 Watts
Size: L180*W58*H55mm (L: 7.1" x W: 2.3" x H: 2.15")
Shipping Weight: 296g (0.7lbs)
Supports multiple types of Magic LED Strip lighting - 10 Different ICs are supported!
Full SPI Support - One Input and Eight Outputs!

Check the detailed manual of this 8-port SPI amplifier

Great for expanding your high end Digital LED or Magic LED Chasing/Fading LED installation - Single SPI input with Eight (8) additional outputs for additional reels of Digital or Magic LED Pixel type Lighting!!

Additional Features:
Accepts configurations for multiple styles of Magic LED or Digital LEDs.
Supports over 10 different Control IC Chips!
Fully Expandable with multiple units and Power Supplies/Drivers!

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