Mini RGB Controller with RF Remote, 4 Amps/Channel

Mini RGB Controller with RF Remote, 4 Amps/Channel


Mini RGB Controller with RF Remote, 4 Amps/Channel

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RGB LED Controller & Dimmer with RF Remote. Remote can control any 12VDC or 24VDC RGB LED products. 20 static color modes with dimming controls, and 19 dynamic color-changing modes with speed controls. Features power cycle mode retention and CPS power plug for easy plug and play installation. Maximum load is 4 Amps per channel - 12 Amps total. 4-pin RGB pigtail connector and battery for RF remote included.

Applications: Specific color selection or color change with speed control modes and dimming capabilities for accent lighting
Function: Dim and control 3 channel RGB LED products from 20~100% using PWM with RF remote control
Operating Voltage: 5~24 Volts DC
Connection Mode: Common anode (+)
Output: 3 channel RGB (4-pin port)
Maximum Load Current: 4 Amps/channel (12 Amps total)
Output Power: 144W @ 12V / 288W @ 24V
Overall Size: (L)42 x (W)12 x (H)3 mm
Control Method: RF Remote Control
Modes: 39 total (20 static and 19 dynamic)
Operating Temperature: -30~75°C

This is a Mini RGB controller with RF remote to control and dim any of our Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Light Bars and Light Strips. Several different static colors (including pure white) and dynamic color changing modes are selectable and adjustable using the remote controller.

Check the detailed manual of this Mini RGB controller with RF remote

Package Include:
1 x Mmini dimmer
1 x RF wireless remote

Mode List

Static Colors:
(Select "COLOR +/-")  
Dynamic Color Changing:
(Select "MODE +/-")
1. Blue 11. Yellow 1. Random (DEMO) 11. Tri-color instant change
2. Red 12. Orange 2. Tri-color crossfade 12. Seven-color instant change
3. Green 13. Coral 3. Tri-color crossfade 13. Tri-color strobe
4. Ultra-Violet Blue 14. Magenta 4. Seven-color crossfade 14. Blue strobe
5. Indigo 15. Purple 5. Blue fade in/out 15. Magenta strobe
6. Light Blue 16. Warm White 6. Magenta fade in/out 16. Red strobe
7. Sky Blue 17. Pure White 7. Red fade in/out 17. Green strobe
8. Cyan 18. Pink 8. Yellow fade in/out 18. White strobe
9. Aqua 19. Super Cool White 9. Green fade in/out 19. Tri-color flickering strobe
10. Lime Green 20. Blue White 10. White fade in/out  

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